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Via Montello, 10 - 17019 Varazze (SV)
Appartaments in Liguria


Thanks to its mild climate, both in Varazze and in the surrounding towns, expert and amateur athletes alike can enjoy outdoor sport year round. Go for the gold, or kick back and relax.

Nordic Walking

Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

On the grounds of the Beigua park, visitors will find six recommended itineraries equipped for Nordic walking, which requires specialised walking sticks similar to ski poles.
These trails trace the shoreline between Varazze and Voltri, the Deiva Forest ring, a portion of the Monti Liguri High Road starting from Pratorotondo, the Piana della Badia di Tiglieto loop, the Curlo - Vaccà loop on the Arenzano plateaus, and the Cappelletta di Masone path to the Faiallo Pass.

To get the most out of these trails, look for the “Sea and Mountains” guide, available for download from the Beigua Park website.
Upon request, LillyBi can arrange guided tours with a guide or docent.

Trail running and jogging

Inland Varazze really lends itself to this sport, with trails suitable for athletes and those with a passion for the outdoors.
This area offers pro events such as the uphill Alpicella-Monte Beigua race classic, and the Gran Trail Rensen trail running event.

Jogging throughout the Beigua Park area is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. The seaside resort is a frequent training site, including for Itinerary 1 - Varazze-Voltri Coastal Trail a/k/a the Jogger's Riviera. It also hosts major sporting events such as the Arenzano Half Marathon.


Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

A dense excursion network between the surf and the turf unfolds along a 500 km line, allowing viewers to soak up the richness of the environment and the culture. The Beigua Park has been a great addition, with well-equipped trails marked with informational placards and brochures, allowing the visitor to get the most out of the natural beauty, history, and culture visible along the preselected path.
Along the trail, welcome centres and shelters where you can sample the area’s typical cuisine, or just snack on toasted bread with a meat and cheese board.

The Beigua Park Association has also set up a number of Picnic and Playground areas to take a break and have a bite to eat in the great outdoors.

Horseback riding and adventures

Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

Our inland areas provide the ideal backdrop for a jaunt on horseback to discover the natural wonder of the Beigua Park and its complex, including forests, fields atop plateaus, and gorgeous rural landscapes.
A number of stables and ranches like the Free Horses Ranch of Alpicella are at your disposal to arrange a guided excursion, or to give your kids the chance to interact with horses for the first time. Some times, over the winter months around Christmas, the Alpicella stables offer an area along the beach to try out horseback-riding for the very first time. We will be more than happy to provide you more information on site.

Rock-climbing and bouldering.

Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

Along the southern slopes of Mount Beigua, rock-climbing enthusiasts have an entire rock-gym available at the Torrioni di Sciarborasca in Cogoleto, as well as the rock face of Mount Castellaro in Alpicella in Varazze, with varying degrees of difficulty (from the one-pitch 3+/4 grade climbs, to sharp dropoffs - over 6b) and different climbing experiences, with plates, dihedrons, roofs, and two- or three rope-pull routes.

For Bouldering enthusiasts, Varazze is the most famous in Europe. Just a few kilometres from Varazze, near Alpicella, connoisseurs will find more than 150 “masses”, some of which are the world’s most difficult. Fore more information, please see the Varazze infoboulder site, from which we are publishing these amazing photos by Christian Core, co-author of a number of books including the definitive guide: “Blue Block – Bouldering in Varazze and Triora” - published by Verticali.

Snow shoes

Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

After a heavy snowfall, a snow-shoe adventure is sure to be the highlight of a nature-lover’s visit. Enjoy the serene beauty and muffled silence of these woods decked in their winter garb.
The Beigua Park trails are all well-marked. There are loops of varying difficulty, from easy to more challenging, winding through gorgeous landscapes and one-of-a-kind nature, along the ridge of the Stura Valley, through the Sassello Woods, and the Monti Liguri High Road. For some excursions, travellers tromp over the snow whilst looking out over the sea! Upon request, LillyBi can arrange a guide for Park excursions. Equipment is available for hire in the Park.


Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

Anyone up for flying from the mountain to the sea, coming down for a landing on the beach? The launch ramp on Monte Grosso, 400 metres up and just two kilometres from the sea, is the ideal spot to feel the rush of flight. LillyBi staff will provide you more information on experiencing this thrill yourself.

Road cycling.

Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

The mild climate and perfect terrain of our Ligurian region is perfect for cycling and all those who enjoy the sport.
The southern slopes offer challenging routes, whilst the trails from the Padano side are gentler, and are a big draw for road cyclists.
The ascent to Mount Beigua (a frequent Giro d’Italia route) is now the stuff of legends. The historic Aurelia road is also a great itinerary at any time during the year. Varazze has hosted portions of the Giro d’Italia on a number of occasions. Each year along the Varazze shoreline you can watch the Milan-Sanremo bike race, as well.

In the near future, LillyBi will be offering a well-equipped space where our clients can repair and wash their bike, and perform minor repairs. At 100 mt above sea level is a specialty store with bike shop (networked with LillyBi), where they provide replacement parts and support for more complex bike repairs.
More information to organise your bike ride is available on site. With advance booking, you can hire road bikes, e-bikes, MTB, and rent a transport van. A cycling guide is also available.
We have a dedicated site on property for MTB bikes.


Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

Surfers find Varazze to be one of the most beautiful locales in Italy. When the weather is right, the beach is full of Italian and foreign surfers. The water level is quite high, and when the waves hit, it is a spectacular sight! The Surf Pier (the “Molo Marinai d’Italia” - Italian Mariners’ Pier) is positioned directly in front of the best surfing spots in Varazze, and features a lighthouse that shines out over the sea for night surfing. The nearby beach is well-appointed, with changing rooms, showers, and snack bar open to surfers and others.

Snorkelling and Diving

Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

The entire Varazze coastline (a portion of which is a Nature Reserve) offers excellent opportunities for exploration. Snorkelling (with mask, fins, and snorkel) will give you the chance to see the extraordinary underwater world of this corner of paradise.
Experts can explore seabeds and the more fascinating biological and geomorphological sites, and explore the Haven oil rig shipwreck, the largest visible in the Mediterranean, now set down at the Largo of Arenzano. Varazze is about 12 km from Arenzano, and can be reached with bikes on loan from LillyBi. The “Europe's Boardwalk” itinerary is entirely flat and paved. It connects to the Cogoleto trail, and then Arenzano.
In the waters of Arenzano, additionally, a full-fledged water gym has been set up. Exercise safely, or try out easy-lift underwater equipment.
The Coastal Geopark rangers organise snorkelling adventures for kids in small groups at the Coastal Park of Europe’s Boardwalk.

Sailing - Canoeing and Kayaking

Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

Varazze offers a number of ways to give sailing a try. The Varazze Sailing Club and the Italian Naval League of Varazze offer courses for kids and teens throughout the year. For sailing enthusiasts, and those who enjoy boat races and offshore racing, RivieraVento at the Varazze Port offers classes, races, sail boat-hires, and anything else one might need.
In 2017, the Varazze Sailing Club sailing school was recognised as one of Ligury's top attractions. The quality of teaching is ensured by a staff composed of nationally certified instructors of the Italian Sailing Federation, specialised in teaching children ages 6-14, and by sport instructors.
The available sail boats include: Optimist and Pico Laser for the littlest sailors, Bahia Laser and the individual 4.7 Laser for older sailors. Windsurf with rig for teens.
The sailing base is located next to the Varazze Marina and the private beaches. The Club's beach is especially suited to enjoying water activities safely, thanks to its shallow, placid waters. Water safety is ensured by life savers positioned on the water, in addition to all mandatory equipment.
Canoeing and kayaking courses are offered by various clubs and nonprofit organisations at the Varazze Port, with the option of hiring gear, and heading out on a guided excursion. Those who enjoy fishing can go on a guided fishing trip in a canoe. LillyBi is always at your service to provide more information.

Recreational fishing

Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

Want to enjoy a day of fishing, and then cook up your catch on board? No problem! Trips leave from the Varazze Port. Options available: full-day, half-day, and sunset excursions. For more information and bookings, contact LillyBi staff.

Golf and Tennis

Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

Golf enthusiasts will be pleased to know there are three courses near Varazze: Sant'Anna Golf Club in Lerca - Cogoleto (18 holes), Golf Club Filanda at Albisola Superiore (9 holes) and Golf Club Pineta in Arenzano (9 holes). LillyBi staff will be pleased to provide you any information you might need.
ASD Tennis Tie Break, just a few metres beyond the Varazze city centre, offers artificial-turf tennis courts for outdoor matches. Solo and group courts are available. The two artificial-turf courts are equipped for football in the evenings. At Piani D’Ivrea in Varazze, you will find another sport center overlooking the sea: indoor soccer and tennis courts are available. For more information, just ask LillyBi staff.

Submit an inquiry, and will we be happy to reply as soon as possible.