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Via Montello, 10 - 17019 Varazze (SV)
Appartaments in Liguria


Varazze’s terrain is a dream come true for cyclists: from 0 to 1,300 mt above sea level in the Beigua Geopark. The sea is very close - all trails (easy or down-hill) lead to the beach. The landscape changes from mountains to the Mediterranean as you head down to the sea, and with the foliage changing from evergreens to Mediterranean underbrush.

Over the past few years, trail development inland has been a constant project. Now, there are great number of trails, all carefully marked and tended to - some featuring jumps and curves.
For down-hill cycling enthusiasts, we offer shuttle service up to the top of Mount Beigua, so that you can ride downhill to the sea. LillyBi has been part of the Varazze Bike Hotel network since 2015. Thanks to this association, the hotel is able to provide the information, logistics, and support you need to enjoy a holiday on two wheels! Check out our site's News section to find an updated calendar on events organised by “Varazze OutDoors”, including cycling and other sport programmes. Cyclists and other outdoor adventurers, and the uninitiated alike will be treated with a discount pass with sport and leisure options for your stay.
Inland Varazze and the Beigua Park offer itineraries for all types of mountain biking. In the near future - to provide even more support to our athletic guests - LillyBi will offer a bike depot to maintain and stow your bikes and sports gear.


Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

From the sea to the peak ... from the peak to the sea! For the most advanced cyclists and other enthusiasts, there are fifteen famous trails. From Varazze to the top of Mount Beigua (1,300 Mt), you can choose the trail most suited to your abilities. Thanks to Varazze Bike Hotels - the network we are a part of - you can find guides and trainers to organise your MTB excursion. LillyBi staff is on hand to provide you any info you need.


Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

Electric bikes allow everyone to reach our area’s most beautiful sites. Book your e-bike (and all related gear) directly on site. Engage an expert guide to organise your outdoor adventure. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information you might need.


Mount Beigua (1,300 mt above sea level), for all skill levels and interests! All trails are marked - some are equipped with ramps and parabolic curves. Thanks to the Varazze Bike Hotel Network, shuttles, guides and trainers are all available to help you get the most out of our bike trails. Interested in trying mountain biking? Hire a MTB and all the gear you need from us. LillyBi staff is always available for more information.

Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria
Appartaments in Liguria

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